Saturday, October 3, 2009

“How to Quickly & Easily Become A Professional Dog Trainer!”

Date:  October 3, 2009


Dear aspiring dog trainer,

If you love dogs, and would like to know how to get started in becoming a certified, professional dog trainer...

... then this will be the most important letter you ever read!

Here's why...

A long time ago it was my dream to become an animal trainer, I always loved animals and I knew being around dogs as a career would be amazing!

How could anyone want to work at a desk when you could be outside spending time with beautiful dogs and getting paid for it?

I was always the odd one at school, the kid who loved animals and constantly talked about them.

It was early on when I decided I didn’t want to have an average boring job - I wanted to follow my passion.

And being a dog trainer can be both exciting and rewarding...

You get to meet great dogs and people - Everyday you’ll meet new and interesting people and their dogs. You’ll get to find out exactly how they think and hear their unique stories.
You help both dogs and people - Nothing is more rewarding then finishing the day knowing you made a difference. I can’t tell you how many times people have wanted to abandon their dogs in shelters and with just a few sessions, everything changes.
The 9-5 hours doesn’t exist - If you are a dog trainer you won’t have to work the same hours as everyone else. You can work as and when you want to, athours that suit you and your lifestyle.
Every day is a little bit different  - You won’t be one of the millions of people that complain everyday of the same boring job, since, as a dog trainer you will face new challenges everyday and you’ll love it.
Your job is mobile – Being a dog trainer is a profession that will always be needed, it can never go obsolete and is useful wherever you want to live be it the US, Canada or even Australia!
You can potentially be your own boss – You don’t have to but if you want to, you can start your own lucrative dog training business very easily…

Sounds awesome right?

I can tell you right now it sounded great all those years ago, but there was one MAJOR problem in my plan…

I had NO Clue what to do!

I mean, I had so many questions that I just didn't have the answers to.

I was pretty oblivious to what knowledge or skills were needed to become a trainer and seeing that there wasn't any university that offer a dog training degree… becoming a dog trainer was a very confusing career path.

But I was so passionate about pursuing my dream career, I ploughed ahead anyway volunteering for free at animal shelters, studied at night and put in long hours before I ever got a chance to start training dogs. And like most people I know, I ended up learning the hard way - through experience.

Since then I’ve worked as a professional trainer with my own business for over 8 years.

I’ve worked with literally hundreds of dogs, trained under famous dog trainers like Jean Donaldson and Ken Ramirez.
I’m a certified dog trainer with the San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers and also a professional marine mammal trainer.
I belong to the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and the International Marine Animal Trainers' Association.
My constant involvement in the industry has led to numerous personal and professional contacts within the dog training community.
I teach group dog training classes as well as private instruction. In short I’ve been around the block for a while, and I’ve made every single mistake possible…

But there really is…

One thing I would like to Change…

If I could turn back the clock, the one thing I’d definitely do differently is to learn more before I got started.

Because as I’ve found out, a love for dogs can get you an awfully long way in this business. But you’ll get there much more quickly and easily when you know all the other facets that will help you to become a truly successful dog trainer.

The kind of unique in the trenches knowledge no text book can teach you.

Lately, a lot of aspiring dog trainers have been seeking me out and asking me to mentor them. Despite it being incredibly flattering, I simply don’t have the time.

So instead I decided to put together a guide that will allow you learn from my experience.

Introducing the How-To Guide to
Becoming a Professional Dog Trainer

Become A Dog Trainer

Dog Trainer Handbook

The Dog Trainer Handbook is a hardcore, no-fluff, down-to-action manual to help you become a certified, professional dog trainer fast.

At the same time, it's also designed to guide you on how to start and run your own successful dog training business.

Suffice to say, dog training is my life. It means the absolute world to me, which is why I’m so dedicated to passing my knowledge onto aspiring dog trainers like you.

As I said earlier on, I wish I had find out more about being a dog trainer before I got into the business. I would have saved myself so much time - and so much money.

That’s why this book can and will help you succeed if you’re remotely interested in taking up dog training as a new career.

Here’s a brief outline of some of the things you will learn inside: 

Discover EXACTLY what being a dog trainer is like and whether it’ll be right for you quickly with this specially developed questionnaire!
The only legitimate way to become a world class dog trainer revealed!
(Page 24)
3 easy ways to get crucial training and experience without paying a cent!
How to get a dog training mentor to take you by the hand and show you the ropes.
The three best little known dog trainer schools that every prospective dog trainer should know about!
7 little known places you can get a good paying job as a dog trainer!

But that’s not all it has things like…

Tips for Starting Your Own Dog Training Business!

How to decide if you start your own dog training business or simply work for someone else!
The biggest misconceptions people have about starting a dog training business and the real truth from someone who’s done it!
Why your family can be crucial to your success in business!
Six quick questions you need to answer before you even think about going into business for yourself and why!
Discover exactly what services you can offer if you open a dog training business
One of the best resources for FREE business advice that works revealed.
How to really give the impression to anyone that you know what you’re talking about!
One thing you must say to every client to protect yourself from lawsuits, a bad reputation and a loss of business!
An amazing trick to increase your income by adding these 12 in demand services to your clients.

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